DentalMagic Cloud

DentalMagic helps you design and create your patient’s makeover from Small Defect to Full laminate.

Our powerful image process editor for Smile Design will allow you to quickly and easily show your patients what their new smile will look like, based on a digital photo of their current situation by editing, modifying and adapting the image to their most appropriate Smile.

In less than 1 min using the same color and texture easily:

Close gaps (Diastema) between teeth. 

Replace missing teeth. 

Reshape broken teeth. 

Straighten crooked teeth. 

Corrected discolored teeth.

DentalMagic helps to close the gaps between expectations and what is possible to reach.

To help facilitate presentations, DentalMagic allows you to copy and paste from Apple Keynote* or from Windows PowerPoint directly to our application, streamlining your workflow and making it easier for you to visualize the aesthetic possibilities of a restoration.

*On Mac – using Parallels only.

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