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ICOI and DentalMaster are happy to announce a partnership which will supply all full paying ICOI members with a complimentary version of Personal Assistant SP*


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Create individualistic 3D animations

And get automatically most of the treatment possibilities

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To be used for
improving your Patient Consent Form

or to be print, exported as PDF

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Maximize your waiting room
potential and entertain your patients

Present your Practice and Team, Staff.....

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Also in collaboration with DentalMaster 

Get 1 Year ICOI Subscription when you purchase the Personal Assistant PRO and Analyzer 3D Expert. 

ICOI – the world’s largest provider of continuing dental implant education.


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3D Analyzer Expert

Our algorithm will create your patient 2D chart and 3D Customized model, and show automatically most of the prosthetic solutions in less than 30 seconds. With this unique Analyzer Algorithm you will only need 30 seconds.


Personal Assistant Pro & SP

The Personal Assistant Pro will assist you in communicating with your patients and help you to clearly explain, visualize and promote; included in this software a bank of up to 400 animations of dental procedures in high-resolution.


DentalMaster Waiting Room

Many clinics spend a great deal of time and energy trying to figure out how to attract the attention of potential patients; they often forget about the one place that they have a captive audience: THE WAITING ROOM!



“Smile design” – digital editor for dummies.


DentalMaster TV Online

Coming soon, stay tuned!


Free goodies and animations!

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The DentalMaster/Mdsimulation 3D graphics is truly the best of its kind I have utilized during my professional career as an academician and cardiologist. They are capable of demonstrating the essence by transforming scientific concepts into awesome visuals. The team is easy to interact with and they really upgraded my presentations and lectures. I have also utilized DentalMaster/Mdsimulation services for some start-up companies I have been involved and they have always done a great job for those…

Prof.Ran Kornowski