With DentalMaster your patient understands his problem(S) and your solution(s) clearly
DentalMaster is moving to cloud, and you can access now from any device
DentalMaster- The best software collection to help you make your patient Smile.

DentalMaster has launched its Cloud version and you get a Free Cloud license when purchasing a Standalone Version  

*Cloud license similar to the purchased software PA pro= PA cloud and Analyzer 3D Expert = 3Dcloud
cloud license will deliver  till the 30 September


The time spent for the creation of treatment plans can be reduced by up to 70% when using DentalMaster 3D Analyzer with a custom 3D digital model adapted to most of the treatment planning options and consent forms. This unique system also allows patients to view multiple treatment options displayed side by side.

 Medico-legal Advantage

Did you know that patients can sue for not providing them with an accurate, complete and documented explanation? Today it is not enough that your work is professional, it is also your duty to explain to the patients all the options available to them, what the procedure involves and what the risks are, even the rarest. Failure to provide a full explanation constitutes a violation of autonomy and the principle of informed consent.

Our Target

Dentists are legally obliged to present alternative treatment solutions. It is known today that ready-made animations are not personalized to the patient’s case. Thus, we decided to create a way to show most of the treatment possibilities in a 3D model customized to the patient situation in less than one-minute and thus, radically changed the presentation to the patient.

 The new generation of patient education

DentalMaster is the first and only 3D animations system which allows dentists to instantly create and present customized 3D treatment plans and digital models personalized to each patient.

In less than a minute, DentalMaster produces and compares the best possible options for patients in an interactive 3D model. With the user-friendly DentalMaster software, consultation time is reduced by up to 70%.

More than 1.000.000 treatment proposals already shown with DentalMaster! The best application for your daily work. For years, DentalMaster’s software has been used every day by hundreds of dental clinics from all around the world, receiving feedback of easier patient communication, higher case acceptances and more…

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