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  1. The most important information to know when choosing an animation-bank software is how long it will take you to find the relevant animation when sitting in front of your patient. 


Introducing our bank of 400 animations – a comprehensive library delivering clear and engaging visuals for dental procedures. Enhance patient education, streamline treatment explanations, and increase case acceptance. With a customized search engine, find the right animation in seconds. Elevate your practice with DentalMaster’s animation expertise.

Some Options

  • Up to 400 animations of most common dental procedures (depending on your subscription version)
  • Strong customizable search engine
  • Possibility to compare up to 4 animations simultaneously
  • Insert your tag, names or reference in any language to create your unique Group or reference  for quick access using the search system.

Check all the animations included in
the Personal Assistant

animated model of upper jaw

Tip 1

The most important issue when searching for the relevant animation is how much time it will take, therefor we added the options for tags.
You can add tags to the animations. This will make searching for the animation easier and faster next time you need it, by entering the tag in the search engine.
This will also allow you to create groups of animations, usually shown together, without the need to search for each one individually.

Tip 2

You can compare up to 4 animations at a time. They can be paused or played simultaneously.

3 animations of dental implant
dental software interface 7

Tip 3

Some videos can be sent to patients for home review. They are the videos under the folder
“Animations to start 1”.

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