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Have you ever dreamed of automatically showing your patients the treatment possibilities adapted to their specific condition? Now you can! 
In your patient’s own customized 3D interactive model and in less than 1-minute!

The worldwide unique software that allows you to customize your treatment plans in 3D interactive models in less than 30 seconds.

The software’s unique artificial intelligence will analyze the current dental condition of your patient and automatically generate real 3D interactive models and most of the treatment options available to your patient’s specific dental condition. Using this software can significantly save valuable time dedicated to treatment explanation, increase case-acceptance and improve medico-legal documentation.

Can be synchronized with Windows version Analyzer 3D Expert! Any treatment built online can be presented on the Windows and vice versa! This allows better viewing options, including model animation and simultaneous side by side comparison of up to 3 models.

Some Options

  • Create treatment planning sequence
  • Rotate models to show the prosthetic solutions from any angle
  • Can be sent to patient or colleague
  • Includes an audio explanation
3D models of crowns and implants 3

Tip 1

You can present different treatment options in one 3D model and 2D chart.
The advantage over animations is that you would have to show several animations to show all treatment options shown in one model.

Tip 2

There is an option for audio explanation of the treatment plan.

3D models of crowns and implants 2
3D models of crowns and implants 1

Tip 3

Change and adapt any treatment at your convenience just by one click

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