Dental 3D Animation Software

 D2D – Free X-Ray and Digital Treatment Planning

D2D is the ultimate free tool for X-ray and digital treatment planning, designed to help you build customized treatment plans directly on your patient’s panoramic X-ray with ease.

Why Choose D2D?

– User-Friendly Interface:

Quickly and easily create treatment plans by placing dental graphic elements directly on the X-ray.

– Versatile Treatment Options:

Access a wide range of treatment options to suit various patient needs.

– Comprehensive Tools:

Add text for dates, names, treatment plans, and more for thorough documentation.

– Downloadable PDF:

Save and share treatment plans as PDF files for easy communication with patients and colleagues.


Additional Features:

– Add New Cases:

 Log in to your dashboard to access your simulation list, add new simulation forms, and manage unassociated files.

– Simulation Management:

 Easily add and manage simulations for each case, allowing multiple simulations per patient.

– File Uploads:

Upload X-ray or digital files in .JPG or .PNG formats, or use the graphical chart for non-X-ray simulations.

– Edit and Customize:

 Resize and place images for convenience, add different items to create detailed simulations, and save changes.

– Share Simulations:

Share treatment plans with colleagues or patients via email, with options for read-only or comment permissions.


D2D is supplied as-is and is the best free solution for simplifying your treatment planning process. Enhance your practice today with D2D!

Get X- Ray D2D‌ Cloud as part of DentalMaster plan

Tip 1

Add Implant, Abutment, Teeth, bone and dentures.

Tip 2

Make measurements and calibration, to add implant to scale and help with other measurements.

Tip 3

You can draw at any time to implement your explanation.

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