X-Ray D2D

X- Ray D2D‌ Cloud

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D2D is the best FREE X- Ray and digital treatment planning.
This module allows the user to build the patient’s customized treatment plan directly on their panoramic X-Ray.
by placing Dental Graphic elements directly on your patient’s Xray for a simple and easy treatment planning.

Some Options

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Many treatment options
  • Can make measurements and calibration
  • Text option for date, name, treatment plan and more
  • Can be downloaded as PDF
teeth xray photo 1

Tip 1

Add Implant, Abutment, Teeth, bone and dentures.

Tip 2

Make measurements and calibration, to add implant to scale and help with other measurements.

teeth xray photo 2
teeth xray photo 3

Tip 3

You can draw at any time to implement your explanation.

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