Dental 3D Animation Software

The only treatment-plan building module that includes a unique feature of a QR code for each patient to view his customized 3D model!

Introducing PowerPrint Cloud

PowerPrint Cloud is the ultimate treatment-plan printing module, featuring a unique QR code for each patient to view their customized 3D model. With PowerPrint, create stunning treatment-planning leaflets based on your patient’s digital image and our high-quality graphics.

Key Features:


Unique QR Codes:

Generate a QR code for each patient, allowing them to view their customized 3D model anytime, anywhere.

Comprehensive Treatment-Planning Leaflets:

Create visually appealing treatment-planning leaflets that can be saved, exported as PDF files, printed, or sent by email.

User-Friendly Interface:

 Easily create customized treatment-plan proposals with a simple, intuitive interface.

Customizable Templates:

Add your own templates with your logo, details, treatment descriptions, and consent forms.

Digital Integration:

Incorporate digital photos, including DSD pictures, and any relevant images (X-rays, photos, etc.).

Price Proposals:

Include price proposals as PDFs from your management software.

2D and 3D Dental Charts:

Utilize 2D and 3D patient treatment dental charts from DentalMaster software.

Advanced Editing Tools:

Edit and enhance each digital image with calibration, golden proportion, and more.

Export and Print:

 Easily export, save, and print your treatment plans for patient consultations and records.

Enhance your practice with PowerPrint Cloud, offering a seamless and personalized approach to treatment planning that boosts patient engagement and satisfaction.

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