FREE Cloud X- Ray D2D‌

After downloading and installing the software, you will then have a new icon D2D on your desktop.

D2D is the best FREE X- Ray and digital treatment planning
D2D X-Ray is a complete and professional application that allows the user to edit images and to explain to the patients their diagnosis and prognosis in treatment.

It is recommended mainly for consultations on fixed or removable restoration.

You can upload periapical and panoramic radiographs, as well as photographs of the arches of your patients
and modify them with clip art of arcades, dental preparations, dental crowns, and implants for the patient to
better understand the procedures that will be performed, as well as the results expected upon completion of their treatment.

Download Manual Here!ArjvgKSr0JnC70HYbjBoNUywJAW0

(*)This module is Free (*) until further notice