“DentalMaster have been pioneers in video graphics and some of the best animation has come from their company.  We look forward to working with their new software and helping to make it even better for patient communication.”

Dr. Ronald E. Goldstein, DDS USA

“I have been collaborating with DentalMaster in the past 10 years. I had the privilege of using both the personal assistant and the 3D software with high satisfaction. I truly think the quality and creativity of the DentalMaster team is something to be proud of”.

Prof.Ziv Mazor

DentalMaster is la “crème de la crème”.
Trust me!

Pr Bernard TOUATI, France

The 3D expert is the only planning software that gives the patient the feeling that he is looking at his own mouth…It’s unique and it makes a big difference for case acceptance.

Dr Philippe Russe France

“Having followed closely DentalMaster products for a decade, its present variety of dental software is unprecedented.

A proper and intelligent use of each software is an indispensable tool for the modern dentist to assist in treatment planning…..”

Prof Nitzan Bichacho

I have been using dental master’s software’s in the last 7 years with great satisfaction. I am enjoying the interaction with DentalMaster, his Team personal assistance and support, his willingness to help and specially listen to the needs of an active practice, and perform changes accordingly.

Prof. Ervin Weiss

Head of the Dental School Prof Tel Aviv University

Head, Department of Prosthodontics
Hebrew University Hadassah  Jerusalem, Israel

Prof. Ervin Weiss

The DentalMaster/Mdsimulation 3D graphics is truly the best of its kind I have utilized during my professional career as an academician and cardiologist. They are capable of demonstrating the essence by transforming scientific concepts into awesome visuals. The team is easy to interact with and they really upgraded my presentations and lectures. I have also utilized DentalMaster/Mdsimulation services for some start-up companies I have been involved and they have always done a great job for those ventures.

Prof.Ran Kornowski, MD, FACC, FESC
Chairman of Cardiology
Rabin Medical Center & Tel Aviv University

Prof.Ran Kornowski

“This is the only software that truly shows the patient their own clinical situation….not a generic situation.  You can show supererupted teeth, uneven occlusal planes, or any condition that the patient has.
What also impressed me were the various treatments you can convey to the patient and immediately print them out for the patient.
The most important part to me was the online support received from his staff.  I have used part of their support a few times now and am getting extremely comfortable with the software.  The other outstanding aspect of their support is that they will act on any suggestions you might have and incorporate them into the next update.
This is the software for which I have been wanting for years….congratulations .”

Dr Barry Goldenberg DMD SAint Louis USA

“Absolutely the best and most impressive 3D-animations in the dental sector I’ve ever encountered so far!”

Dr Elmar Frank, Germany

I would like to confirm the Expert program is exceptional for the student education and also for patient information.
Vice Dean
Head of implantology Dep. Univerity Paris
Diderot. Garanciere

Pr Patrick Missika

Je vous écris pour vous témoigner mon entière satisfaction quant à l’acquisition des logiciels de la suite Dentalmaster….je travaille en équipe avec des confrères qui m’adressent leurs patients désirant une solution implantaire. … Plus récemment, j’ai convaincu un de mes confrères omnipraticien …J’ai noté immédiatement une progression nette du nombre de patients adressé, la plupart du temps déjà convaincus par le traitement avant même la consultation implantaire. Il s’en est résulté une augmentation nette du nombre d’implants posés …

Dr Jonatan Beley Chirurgien-Dentiste
Exercice limité à l’Implantologie et à la Chirurgie Buccale
3 bis Rue Edouard Belin
57070 Metz Technopôle

Dr Jonatan Beley Chirurgien-Dentiste

“I have Met Dentalmaster Team at the early stage of the company .
Since I have always appreciated the quality,the expertise and all the Software possibilities offered by the dynamic team,
not only to illustrate my lectures but also as a motivation for the treatment planning presented to the patients .
Furthermore DentalMaster has been always on the edge of innovation and to suggest the best solution by their creativity .
Amicalement “

Prof André Saadoun France.

The software is a great patient communication tool. The amazing quality animations can make patients understand clearly the various procedures involved in their treatment and answer most of their questions. This impressive visual experience can lead to an increased rate of treatment acceptance by the patient. Definitely recommend it!

Dr.Dinos Kountouras BDS MSc PhD
Thessaloniki, Greece and China

Dr.Dinos Kountouras