Explanation of 3 generations of patient education

First Generation:
  Does include great examples but not always connected to the patient’s needs and sometimes even too aggressive.
  Physical Models:
  Nice to explain the treatment system but patient does not understand clearly his own case.
 Second Generation:
  3D animations:

Even though it is the easiest tool for the clinic and the staff, with time we discovered 2 mains problems:

  • Animations show only 1 treatment process at a time and thus when needed multiple restorations you need few animations.
  • Animations never show the process in the region needed for the patient’s case, this makes difficult for the patient to understand.
 Third Generation:
  Real-time individualistic 3D animation:

Our algorithm will create the patient 2D chart and 3D Customized Model and show automatically most the prosthetic solutions in less than 30 seconds.

  • This makes the Analyzer & 3D Expert the most advanced and precise patient education and consent software in the market today.
  • Only DentalMaster offers this solution TODAY.




Analyzer & 3D Expert

Our algorithm will create your patient 2D chart and 3D Customized Model and show automatically most of the prosthetic solutions in less than 30 seconds. With this unique Analyzer Algorithm you will need just 30 seconds.

Personal Assistant Pro & SP

The Personal Assistant Pro will assist you in communicating with your patient and help you to clearly explain, visualize and promote; included in this software a bank of up to 400 animations of dental procedure in high-resolution.

VO Waiting Room

Many clinics spend a great deal of time and energy trying to figure out how to grab the attention of potential patients; they often forget about the one place that they have a captive audience: THE WAITING ROOM!

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