With DentalMaster your patient understands his problem(S) and your solution(s) clearly
DentalMaster is moving to cloud, and you can access now from any device
DentalMaster- The best software collection to help you make your patient Smile.

At DentalMaster we found that practitioner needs tools to improve and increase productivity.
Therefore, we developed a full set of tools that will help you on your daily work.

Some Advantages:

* Each module is independent, and you can purchase all or only those that you feel will be the most helpful in your daily practice
* Start to communicate with your patient from the waiting room
* Most of our modules can be used by your team with a minimum learning curve
* This is the only software that truly shows your patients their own clinical situation in 3D and 2D …. not a generic situation.
* The only system that really strengthens the medico-legal patient consent documentation with a 3D dental chart adapted to your patient’s situation.
* A unique solution that allows you to automatically get most of the prosthetic solutions in a real 3D interactive model in less than 1 minute.
* Close the gap between expectation and result (especially with friend or patient with high expectations) and thus increase the success rate.
* Increase productivity by reducing stress and strain off the dental team.

DentalMaster is today’s the most advanced and precise patient education and treatment planning software:
* Save up to 70% of time explaining
* Improve communication with patients
* Increase case-acceptance and success rate
* Strengthen your medico-legal documentation


DentalMaster VO Waiting Room

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DentalMaster Personal Assistant Pro

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DentalMaster Analyzer 3D Expert

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DentalMaster PowerPPS

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FREE DentalMaster Goodies

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