The minimum required patient education software any clinic must have.

Don’t forget the most important function in a bank of animations software that you need to look for:

Is to access the relevant animation in no time.

Personal Assistant Pro is the best 3D animations collection software for patient education.

The Personal Assistant Pro will assist you in communicating with your patients and help you to clearly explain, visualize and promote to them the most simple and/or complex procedures. This software includes a bank of up to 400 dental procedures animations in high-resolution.

Personal Assistant Sp is a special limited version with 60 selected 3D animations from the Personal Assistant Pro.

Through our years of experience we discovered that the quality of the animations is not the most important point.

Indeed the ease to find the proper animation within seconds is the most important feature! This is ESPECIALLY true when you sit in front of a patient. This is why we simplified the software and boosted the search engine and allow you to insert your own keywords in any language. 

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