limited time

1000 licenses at a very special price
Up To 70% Discount
only €199


limited time

1000 licenses at a very special price
Up To 70% Discount
only €199

What’s included in this package?

Personal Assistant– A bank of up to 400 3D animations. 

3D analyzer*– The only module that allows you to create a personalized 3D model of your patient and get most of the prosthetic solution possibilities- in less than one minute! 
A guaranteed 50% discount to those who will renew the license for a 2nd year.


DentalMaster Cloud

Everyone’s looking for a way to streamline their services and thus manage their time more efficiently. The first matter that needs to be solved is finding an effective method for building treatment plans and presenting them, in a way that allows:

  • Improved communication between you and your patient
  • A narrowed gap between patient expectations and treatment results
  • Increased rate of case acceptance to your treatment plans.
  • Reduced chair time with each patient
  • Increased success rate of treatments, in the eyes of the patients
  • Increased profitability

If you’ve considered taking this necessary step before, but you hesitated because of the price, DentalMaster offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the positive impact the software will have on you and your team.

For the last two decades, DentalMaster has been at the forefront of Patient Education and treatment planning, and has provided services for thousands of dentists in more than 15 countries.

The importance of using patient education software and how it will advance your clinic.

A sample from the animations in the Personal assistant Software, if you have any doubt about the quality.

With one click you can find the right animation for your patient.

In less than a minute you will create an interactive 3D model tailored to the patient.

print stunning leaflet, export as PDF and more…

See the full gallery of animations included in the Personal Assistant.

Take advantage of your waiting room to promote your services by using DirectInfo.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Our Customers

The license for DirectInfo will be supplied in the next 7 days after setup details

We do not charge VAT for most countries. The vat will be withdrawn before the final payment

Requirments for all the DentalMaster products: Google chrome

Requirements for DirectInfo: a smart TV new generation with Goggle chrome or computer connected to the TV with google chrome

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