Our algorithm will create for you and your patients:

  1. 2D chart and 3D Interactive Customized Model. 
  2. Automatically create and show most the prosthetic solutions in less than 30 seconds.

This makes the Analyzer & 3D Expert the most advanced and precise patient education and content software in the market today.

What are the differences between 3D Animations and Customized 3D Interactive Model?

    • First – you will never be able to show multiple restorations on a same model with 1 animation only.
    • In most cases, 3D animations will show the dental process but never in the relevant mouth segment of your patient. 
    • 3D Animations cannot be moved, changed or rotated as they are pre-made movies.
    • As a result, using pre-made animations could make it difficult for your patient to understand clearly when multiple different restorations are required, and shown in segments that are not identical to your patient’s case.

Demo 2